A Long History of Shaping the Community

August 15, 2018

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Creating a campaign for a well-established brand is a process. Though Melone Advertising has not been in business as long as Community Bank, we are proud to have been working together for over 12 years. When the bank proposed a campaign -- brought about through a merger -- to ease people into new banking services, we knew we had to get to work.

The Community Bank management team knew that not only employees, but also customers would be wary about their merger with West Virginia-based Progressive Bank. “Who is Community Bank?,” “What will happen to my job?,” “Will I still have the same banking advisor?,” “Does Community Bank know anything about the West Virginia community?” These were all uncertainties that the bank had to consider while generating their new campaign that would explain the merger and welcome Progressive Bank into the CB Family.

Historic Bridge in West Virginia

Step one of the creative process was letting customers and employees know that just because Community Bank was moving in did not mean that the old faces of Progressive Bank were moving out. The Southwestern PA bank made sure to emphasize that customers would be banking with the “same great people” whom they have been banking with for many years by including new and old faces on the ads. After all, Progressive Bank is nearly as historic as the 117 year old Community Bank.

The next step for Community Bank was to show that they care about the West Virginia and Ohio Valley communities just as much as they care about the PA communities. This was important because both banks have core values in shaping the community and taking care of each other. Community Bank has been serving Greene, Allegheny, Washington, Fayette, and Westmoreland counties since 1901 with philanthropic deeds. Through the CB Cares initiative alone, the bank has donated $203,000 to various charities. With the help of their previous successful efforts, the management team wanted to communicate their care for all of the areas they serve.

Another crucial component for CB to earn existing customers’ trust was to show them new services that they would be receiving. Not only would there be a seamless transition of services, but there would be new programs added to the mix. “New services. New Options. And new ways to build your business.” This direction of the campaign gave customers hope that this change in leadership could be a good move.

With print, radio, broadcast, and digital ads, Community Bank was able to successfully merge their 16 existing branches with 7 new out-of-state offices. The campaign soothed the minds of customers and employees and helped to transition both banks into a new era of better business banking. Care to view the full campaign creative?