Melone Advertising Blog Launch Announcement

April 16, 2018

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All good things start with a vision. Without owner Mike Melone's vision to start an advertising firm, we would not have been able to meet so many great people, businesses, and brands or learn about their stories. Whether it's a small mom and pop shop simply looking to help their family or a large company with a campaign to clothe the community, stories help drive a business forward.

Our story began in the 1980’s, when we started as a multidisciplinary advertising firm with a small amount of services. Taking a diverging approach to traditional marketing and advertising put the business on the map in Canonsburg, PA. The company’s services expanded to include more than 20 different services to meet the industry’s evolving landscape. With today’s technology changing faster than it ever has, Melone has been growing its services even further to meet client’s needs in a digital marketplace. Some new services include: digital ads, targeted ads, social media marketing, augmented reality, and smartphone apps.

These digital changes struck a chord with Melone Advertising, so we decided to modify our own site and start a blog. Now it's time to tell the stories behind our work. For a long time, we’ve known that there’s a story behind every project we create. Now we’re excited to be sharing the brand stories, case studies, behind-the-scenes, and helpful tips that have helped our business grow and evolve. We will be posting about some of the remarkable brands that we have worked with throughout our 35 years of business. We encourage our audience to read our upcoming articles, and we look forward to engaging with all of our new readers as we continue to fulfill the vision that started our business.