Red Pump: A Brand Built on the Spirit of Rebellion

September 07, 2018

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Every family story goes back to a farmhouse somewhere. And that’s no different for Ed Belfoure, owner of Red Pump Spirits, who had a childhood home called “The Farmhouse.” His home dates back to 1786 and is the driving force of his local craft distillery brand, which includes products such as Rebellion Rye and Farmhouse whiskey.

The other influence on Red Pump’s brand is the Whiskey Rebellion. Ed wanted to bring the classic 18th century Pennsylvania Rye taste back to the people by opening the first legal distillery in Washington County since Prohibition. He had a great product, but he also deserved a great look.

Red Pump Spirits prides itself on living honestly, wasting nothing, and always doing their absolute best with what they have. We adapted that same mentality when molding the brand with Ed’s story. Taking the Old Farmhouse, Whiskey Rebellion, and Washington County as influences, Melone Advertising created five new labels to match the quality of Red Pump’s spirits. Essentially, we built the brand on the spirit of rebellion.

We also created a hang tag for the bottles to convey the journey of the local grain used in the whiskey. The grain from Weatherbury Farms is mashed and donated to Ross Farms, a local heritage livestock farm in Eighty-Four, PA. From there, wool is cut from sheep to recreate costumes for historic exhibits in Williamsburg and Smithsonian. That same sheep wool is also used to supply the yarn for the bottle tags.

In addition to his new labels, Ed wanted a video to tell his brand’s story. To truly bring light to the brand, we brought strong, thought-provoking copy to deliver Red Pump’s message. With our creative, copy, and some help from the Ol’ Two-Niner Phil Bourque, we were able to blend the video elements like a perfectly mastered cocktail. We shot on location at Weatherbury Farms, President’s Pub, and Red Pump distillery -- be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes photos below. The end result was a video with a bold narrative. Watch it here.

By crafting a new look for his bottles, Ed was able to reach a new customer base that is interested in the history of Washington County as much as the great taste of whiskey. Red Pump Spirits is sold in Pennsylvania Libations and on Main Street in Washington, PA.