The Greene County Story: Showing just how much is hiding right out in the open.

September 04, 2019

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For a rebranding project to resonate, it has to be built on a strong foundation of the truth. A brand, whether it’s a product, a service, or an entire county, has to know where it’s been, what it has to offer, and where it’s going. With this rebranding project for Greene County, they really did their homework.

The residents were well aware of the county’s centuries-long history of being right in the middle of the nation’s history and evolving energy needs – even though it sits tucked away in a quiet corner of the state. They also had a strong understanding of their short-term future. And even better: they were in the process of building a 10-year plan with extensive public input.

Armed with what the county knew about where it’s been and where it’s going, we set out to tell the world. A new logo, tagline and marketing materials tell the story of a great place to do business, with a proud and educated workforce. And in video, the place simply shines as the kind of home town you wouldn’t mind calling home.

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Our approach was to build from the County’s strengths: its position between Pittsburgh and Morgantown, WV, its energy history, and its people. Greene County and Waynesburg, the county seat, boast a history that stretches to the Revolutionary War. Every step of the way, that history was shaped by its hills. We made the hills the star of the logo, and of the marketing materials. It’s an approach that embraces the pure essence of the area, and casts it in the best possible light to illustrate a county one the move – while still holding on to its rural heritage.

The work debuts September 2019, and if preliminary reactions are any indication, the secret success hiding in Greene County’s hills won’t be a secret for long.

You can take a closer look at our work for Greene County here.