The Stoney's Story: Sometimes It’s Better if You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel.

April 17, 2018

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Creativity can come in anywhere in the marketing process. Sometimes a design or a phrase can invent an entire marketing campaign. But when you’re introducing, or reintroducing, a product or a company, your marketing needs to be built on the strong foundation of a solid product. Because Stoney's has been brewing beer for over 100 years we found it better to not reinvent the wheel, just give it a new look.

We were introduced to Jones Brewing Company through an interesting twist of fate. A client was buying into the company – and his grandmother babysat the most famous descendant of the Jones Brewing family (Mrs. Partridge herself: Shirley Jones). At this point, the company boasted two descendants of the original owner, William B. ‘Stoney’ Jones, an amazing history, a legacy of creating award-winning beers and the kind of heritage cache other brands would kill for. The one thing they didn't have was a modern public ‘face’ or ‘voice’ for their brand.

Before and After:

For folks who do what we do for a living, that was a golden opportunity. And we’re proud of how our work gives this great brand a new face through a new look and new packaging. We tried to echo the character of the band in the voice we used on the web, in the tag, and in other marketing materials. We weren’t going to be happy until we found the right fit for Stoney’s – and the right introduction for a new generation of fans.

Getting to the right look is always a process of thought and conversation and concepts: many, many concepts. It’s really the only way to make sure you’ve uncovered every possibility. When we found a look that everyone loved, we knew we had a base we could build off of.

Since relaunching the brand in the Spring of 2017, the response from old fans and new has been incredible. It’s being carried in more bars and retail establishments than ever. And Stoney’s has it’s biggest following on Facebook that it ever did. All in all, a great brand launch – 110 years in the making.

Dive into the full new look we developed for Stoney's here.