The Story Behind Washington County’s Branding Campaign: The American Spirit Lives Here

May 03, 2019

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There is a lot to do in Washington County, Pennsylvania. From the Covered Bridge Festival to The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum to The Meadows Casino, Washington County has its fair share of places to visit over the summer. With all of the locations and events, the Tourism Promotion Agency wanted to promote it all with a new campaign. So, they came to Melone Advertising for a logo and branding campaign.

The logo needed to embody everything that Washington County has become. And after a creative process of developing many logo variations, one stood out: The American Spirit Lives Here. It lives in the people that have grown up surrounded by culture. It lives in the events that bring those people together. And it lives in the county that has grown, evolved, and changed to celebrate its past while also looking forward to its future. Whether you look to folks enjoying a local spirit at the Whiskey Rebellion Festival or to young kids playing their hearts out at the PONY League World Series, the American Spirit lives here.

The American Spirit logo was also a particularly fitting design because of its flexibility. It can be used on print ads, billboards, video, and even t-shirts. It can also be transformed into red or blue to pull out truly patriotic emotions. The mark is gritty and has an Americana feel to it since it is geared towards people who have some grit and a little rebel in them. Additionally, the font is bold and unique so that it can stand out to people who may be from outside of the county but still want to experience the American Spirit.

After the logo was created, the next step was to roll out the branding campaign. The overall campaign encompasses the message “Break away from every day. Take a deep breath and dream here. Unplug, unwind and just be here.” The message plays on the fact that Washington County has evolved. As time ticks on every day, many people tend to get caught up in their jobs, technology, or social media; we wanted to let them know that it’s okay to relax and enjoy the moment every once in a while.

Washington County has always been bold and proud of its history. The American Spirit logo shows our audience a way to explore, as well as a way to experience something original and a bit different. And that’s just what Washington County and Melone Advertising can truly get behind.